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Contact No.
Tel: 061-4585059, 4577459, 4511559, 4574759
Fax: 061-4547059
Email: saplmul@gmail.com
Contact Persons.
  • Mr. Altaf Kaiser (Administrator/Coordinator)
  • Mr. Muhammd Shakeel (Motor/Marine Claims)
  • Mr. Tanveer Abbas (Motor/Non Motor Claims)
  • Mr. Adnan Aseer (C.F.O)
  • Mr. Anjum Mushtaq (Theft/Total Loss)
  • Mr. Mansoor Ahmed (Non Motor Claims)
  • Mr. Sikander Mahmood (Motor Claims)

Contact No.
Tel: 042-36304159, 36304259, 36304359
Fax: 042-36304459
Email: sapllhr@gmail.com
Contact Persons.
  • Mr. Shahzad Ali (Surveyor)
  • Mr. Adnan Hanif (Surveyor)

Contact No.
Tel: 021-32400037
Fax: 021-32400038
Email: saplkhi@gmail.com
Contact Person.
  • Mr. Syed Jafar Raza Rizvi(Director)
  • Mr. Zakaria Khan (Operation Manager)
  • Mr. Mursaleen Shah (Branch Manager)
  • Mr. Arif Zaidi (Surveyor)
  • Mr. Sajid Ali (Surveyor)

Contact No.
Tel: 0301-8644059
Email: saplgwa@gmail.com
Contact Person.
  • Mr. Muhammad Yusuf
It is an established and undeniable fact that honesty, integrity, sincerity loyalty and more so complete faith in God have always been a key to success. Past history of the world is witness that those who adopted these principles always succeeded in attaining their goals and missions and those who didn't value them remained deprived of respect, honor and integrity and we are fortunate enough to be among the former. M/s. Sajjad Associates (Pvt.) Ltd, (SAPL) is not a new name in the corporate sector of Pakistan and has been rendering its services in the field of Insurance Surveys and Loss Assessment pertaining to Fire, Motor, Marine & Machinery Erection Breakdown for a long time.