Our experienced representatives carry out surveys of Fire, MBD, Marine, where we comprehensively do the job at our standard fees. Our team comprises specialists from various disciplines i.e. Electrical, Mechanical, Civil & Textile Engineering.
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All the data of survey reports are being retained in the computers carefully, on daily basis and then the data are transfened on CD through CD Writer to keep the record in 100% secure and safe condition. The same data (survey reports) are also saved in shape of hard copy for office record.

We have latest software that operates our different office operations. This is done by using Visual Basic that is supperted by SQL Server and Crystal Repart version 8.5 by a very skillful team of software engineers who made software with skills fulfilling all the requirements as well as we have added some Internet features to communicate anywhere with the parties.

M/s. Sajjad Associates (Pvt) Ltd, having a team of educated, talented and dedicated professionals who are performing their Jobs perfectly with high sense of responsibility in the best interest of Insurers, extending excellent services with regard to survey/valuation/loss adjusting, in this region, by following the standard procedure of SECP, and in view of our fair and justified survey reports, we have attained a remarkable place among other companies working in this field.
It is an established and undeniable fact that honesty, integrity, sincerity loyalty and more so complete faith in God have always been a key to success. Past history of the world is witness that those who adopted these principles always succeeded in attaining their goals and missions and those who didn't value them remained deprived of respect, honor and integrity and we are fortunate enough to be among the former. M/s. Sajjad Associates (Pvt.) Ltd, (SAPL) is not a new name in the corporate sector of Pakistan and has been rendering its services in the field of Insurance Surveys and Loss Assessment pertaining to Fire, Motor, Marine & Machinery Erection Breakdown for a long time.
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